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Identifying the need behind the behaviour, setting and implementing healthy boundaries between you and your child is vital in the development of self-regulation and emotional intelligence. Learn how to foster self awareness and empathy through daily practice of mindful and conscious parenting.    . 

Purpose begins in your child's life in the infancy stage as they observe and navigate the world around them. Raising a whole brain child  relies on opportunity, experience and practice.

Learn how to create a engaging environment and routine with your child  that supports and encourages their internal need for purpose and independence through practical life skills an dynamic play. 

We are given only one mind and one body in this life and it is our responsibility to care for them. Learn how to nurture your child's connection between mind and body and give them the opportunity to discover their best self through experiences which build on their established feelings of self-worth, imagination, exploration, humility and persistence.



My name is Laurie Joy Kingwell and I am an Early Childhood and Parent Educator based out of Vancouver, BC. 


Joy in The Home is my labour of love. 

From my earliest memories, I have had an instinctual pull towards the care and well-being of children. Joy in the Home, was founded in 2014 and each day I feel grateful that my purpose collided with my passion. My mission is to provide parents, educators and caregivers with the tools and supports necessary to build a secure foundation for a young people to become the best versions of themselves. With over sixteen years of experience as an Early Childhood and

Montessori Educator along with Group Home Youth Worker and Parent Educator I have gained invaluable expertise involving children’s and youth development. I am excited to share my knowledge and look forward to working alongside parents and Educators across Canada.


In 2015 I was honoured to be chosen as a speaker for the Seven Mile Beach TEDx talk. My talk titled 'Your child’s best chance at discovering their best self' is an effort to communicate the critical misunderstandings we have as adults and the role we play in our children's lives.  



One-on-One Parent and Child Coaching to help you meet your child's developmental needs. Sample of topics covered include:  

Setting healthy boundaries for behaviours and uncovering the 'why' behind them

How to regain and promote a deep sense of respect, empathy, and communication between you and your child

Meal time, correlation between diet and behaviour, and improved eating habits

How to optimize play

How to build connection and positive interactions between  siblings 

How to promote purpose, self-care and independence

Toileting support

Please feel free to inquire about your specific need.


In person and Skype appointments available

Public workshops provide an opportunity to gain clarity, perspective and improve your quality of life alongside your child. I offer my workshops throughout BC, AB, SK, so take a look at Events to see when I'll be making my way to you!


Current Workshops offered include:

Setting healthy boundaries for behaviours and uncovering the 'why' while creating an equal opportunity environment within your home

Nutrition, sleep, eating habits and toileting

Understanding the crucial difference between engagement and entertainment

Redefine Our Role as adults, parents and Educators in a child's life. Uncover external influences that impact how we show up in our children's lives and the tools to align with our intentions rather than our learned perception and  behaviours that disconnect us from ourselves and our children's best interest. 

Upcoming dates, times, and tickets are available under Events 

Public speaking engagements, conferences and business engagements with customized content to meet your needs. 

Contact for details regarding availability and pricing.



"Joy in the Home did wonders for our family! Laurie came into our home and spent a few short hours guiding and coaching us on how to best handle certain situations with our daughters aged 4 and 2. One of the specific strategies she suggested was the "calming cushion" each time one of our daughters was having a meltdown. My husband and I implemented that strategy instantly and I was shocked by how quickly the girls caught on!...Laurie has a true passion for helping families, her knowledge and intuition are second to know and children absolutely love her! I would highly recommend 'Joy In The Home' to any families seeking guidance with what to do with their spirited little ones."